A few years ago, Social media and blogging were considered two separate entities. While Social media was personal, short-form, and spontaneous, blogging was serious, long-form, and crafted. Owing to declining attention span many predicted that social media would replace blogs soon. However, if used right, social media can help people land to the right article in your blog.

These 5 ingenious ideas gives you precisely what you must do to drive traffic to your blogs.

1. Add Share Buttons

By adding share buttons on your blog, you can make it easier for the readers to share your posts.

Instead of adding each platform’s button, you can use products like ShareThis which installs multiple share buttons. In addition to that, there is a plug-in for WordPress named Flare which gives a cumulative total of the shares across platforms. This will act as a form of social proof and encourage more people to share it.

2. Add Your Blog To Alltop

drive traffic to your blog

An RSS-feed aggregation site called Alltop helps people find their desired content by scanning the news. To get your blog on an Alltop page, you will have to submit your blog’s RSS feed in the page. It's free to list your blog in Alltop and it's a great way to drive traffic into your website.

3. Entice People To Follow You On Social Media

You can make people easily follow you by including your social-media accounts link on your blog.

While the share buttons only take people to specific blog posts, social media links take people to your social media accounts. An interesting blog will make people follow you on social media, and an interesting social media will make people read your blog.

You can use ClickToTweet to embed a Twitter link in your emails and blog posts. A draft tweet will be presented to people who click on this link. They can either edit this draft or they can tweet it immediately.

drive traffic to your blog

A lot of people are happy to add ClickToTweet for two reasons: One, it helps you easily generate a good tweet; Two, it is an alternate way to say thank you for your efforts.

5. Share Your Own Content

When someone in search of a great content comes across your blog and find it interesting, they will surely share it. So, Logically, you should always share your own posts via social media.
You must curate yourself and share your own posts first. A post which is not worth sharing is not worth writing.