Free Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool given by Google AdWords and a great place to start with if your a beginner to keyword research. Keyword planner is an etremely efficient tool as it helps you understand keyword rankings and their performance better.

keyword research tool

Using Google's keyword planner you can do the following.

  1. Search for a keyword.
  2. See how a list of keywords have been performing. (historic and traffic forecast)
  3. Group keywords together for ads.
  4. Choose competitive bids and budgets for your campaigns.

Moreover, using keyword planner is a benefit because, Google splits out the list of related keywords that you have typed, and provides with metrics, for you to gauge the competition on a global and local search level.

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Google Trends

Another free tool from Google, to analyze keywords is Google Trends. A free tool as well, Google Trends allows you to input multiple keywords and filter their performance and metrics based on location, search history, and category.

Keyword Research Tools

The best part about Google Trends is this:-

Google Trends not only gives you static keyword volume numbers but also generates interactive and colorful graphs for you to play with, explore, download and embed into your site.

Insights provided are more dynamic with information such relative popularity of a search term over time!

It also groups together searches that it infers to mean the same thing, like misspellings.

Paid Keyword Research Tools

Moz's Keyword Difficulty Tool

Available at $99/month for Standard; $149/month for Medium; $249/month for Large; $599/month for Premium

Keyword Research Tools

Although paid, keyword difficulty tool from Moz is an extremely useful component. It's fantastic for analyzing keyword competitiveness and difficulty score of a keyword!

It helps you with top 10 rankings for your input keyword and assign a "Difficulty Score" (to the keyword) based on the pages that currently rank for that "word". It gives you a glimpse of search volume data for your keywords and export all this data into a .csv file.

HubSpot's Keywords Tool

Available at $200/month for Basic; $800/month for Pro; $2,400/month for Enterprise.

Yet another tool that we came across is that of HubSpot's very own Keywords Tool. The tool helps you research, analyze different keywords, identify the best keywords that can be used for optimizing your site and track results from each one. This tracking feature, is extremely efficient as it allows you to see which keywords are actually driving traffic and leads over time!

Hubspot's tool is interesting because it shows you how your competitors are ranked for specific keywords and helps you to monitor and build high quality inbound links.

Keyword Research Tools


Available at $99/month for Lite; $179/month for Standard; $399/month for Advanced

Ahrefs' is identified typically for it's user interface. Designed with colorful, interactive charts consisting of things like number of indexed pages, internal and external backlinks, new vs. lost backlinks, this tool not only provides you with information but also presents it in the right way!

Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, say that Ahrefs is his #1 "go-to" tool for backlink analysis: "I've tested over 25 link analysis tools and none come close to Ahref's in terms of index size, freshness, and overall usability."

Images - Christian Schnettelker