1. More Mobile Apps, Less Mobile optimization

Companies nowadays are seeing the true value in offering a dedicated app. They seem to have realised that Apps are not only visually pleasing, but they also prove to be more functional and also accessible for users when compared with mobile optimized websites. It will become a "must" for companies to have an app available in 2016 so that their consumers can instantly access their products or services. A substantial growth in app indexing has been seen, which is basically SEO for your app on Google and in the app store for smart devices. This will help push brands to make a dedicated app, since it will enable it to be found very easily by their target market.

2. Native social e-commerce integration

The biggest market disruption in 2016 will be Native social e-commerce integration on the visual social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat. The biggest opportunity to re-shape e-commerce as we know it today for brands and developers will be the untapped opportunity for retailers to give their social communities instantaneous access to purchase off of social networks .

3. Proactive personalized information and ads

A large amount of time and resources have been invested by Google, Bing, Apple and Facebook who are four of the largest players in the mobile space into powering "virtual assistant" type technology. Apple created Siri, Google has Google Now, Bing has Cortana, and Facebook is testing M. The primary goal of all of these companies is to become the best personal assistant one has ever had and also in large part to provide personalized information and ads proactively before a user even makes a request.

mobile marketing trends

4. Vertical video ads

Although Vertical ads aren't new, the trend towards vertical video advertising seems to be about to take off. The big players like Audi, AT&T and NBC have noticed an 80% increase in ad completion by testing out the waters of vertical video. A few other Brands like Macy's and Burger King have been running vertical Snapchat ads which seem to have been performing quite well, and given that the default way most of us handle our phone is vertical, it makes sense . This trend looks like it is going to transcend past advertising and into longer-form video production. You're going to see a significant increase in brands moving into this space in early 2016 , spanning further into the year as the statistics evolve to reinforce how well they really do perform.

5. Snapchat

Most people are not aware of how massive Snapchat is becoming. Facebook or Instagram are not used by Teens anymore — their moms use it. To generate revenues, Snapchat has already made a move to monetize through ads. In 2016 we will see this expand to encompass much more advertising. To improve their ad targeting Snapchat will now push to get more of the users' personal information . And might also use location-based ads.

mobile marketing trends

6. Customized human experience inside mobile

For the first half of 2016 personalized campaigns based on a specific device, profile and/or usage data has become a major trend . It’s important that we cater to the customer's needs and create personalized campaigns, Because today’s customers want to be cared for everywhere. It’s crucial that companies create a human experience inside mobile, As we move further into the mobile era.

7. Mobile payments

In 2016, Mobile payments will gain a larger adoption among consumers . In 2019, Mobile-based payments are expected to reach $142 billion in volume in the U.S. according to a report from Forrester. To appeal to the growing base of mobile-first consumers Brands and apps will integrate mobile payment features.

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