Do you want to build your visitors, and convert more visitors in to customers? Inbound marketing helps you in generating traffic to your site, but what is more important is to convert these visitors in to customers. This can be achieved by having a clear web user engagement strategy. Effective User engagement with your customers during their visit to your website increases you opportunities by 10X. So how do you go about creating a web strategy to build your audience?

Chat Window Integration

Chat windows to be integrated with your website to be able to communicate with your visitor. The visitor would have an opportunity to talk to a human and get the information that he needs.

Website Visitor Tracking

Visitor tracking helps you gain complete visibility on the online activities of your website visitors such as the duration of their visit, the location from where they are visiting, the pages they visit. You would also be able to know whether it’s a new visitor or an existing visitor and you can chat with them on a more relevant basis. Fascinate your customer with reliable service, provide them with relevant information at the time they need and increase your sales conversions.


Offer promos to customers depending on which stage of the buying cycle a customer is. You can create instant promos to cater to audience segments depending on different scenarios.


Use Exit Surveys to understand why potential buyers are not converting. While analytics could tell you what people are doing in your website in terms of page views, sessions and bounce rates, exit surveys tells you why they are abandoning your page. Website surveys help you to understand your customer insights that lead to conversions.

Web Design and User Interface

A mobile responsive web design and easy to use interface is the first step towards creating a successful web strategy. As the number of people accessing the internet through the mobile platform has gone over the number of people accessing the internet through desktop devices, the need for a mobile friendly design is a must. Google has also started to penalise websites that are not mobile friendly, which has affected rankings of number of websites that are not currently mobile responsive. A clear Call to Action, Relevant Landing Page, and a Thank You Page are core to any successful web strategy. The user interface design of your website plays a vital role in bringing high volume web traffic to it.

Social Media Integration

Social Media plays a major role in your websites marketing activity. Integrating social media enables your website visitors to share your page across to people who they think might be interested your services. You can also display Tweets, Facebook Likes etc to make your website visitors engage with your social media channels as well. Syncing a social media experience with the products or services your website offers can help drive added value to your audience and paying customers alike. Social media greatly increases web user engagement with your visitors.

Heat Maps

Integrating heat map technology to your website can provide with real time analytics of how users interact with your webpage. You can get instant feedback on where your user’s attention is on your website and you can take instant action to improve your retention. Heat Maps helps you identify where your users are clicking and you can adjust your Call to Actions and important information in places where your customer’s attention is.

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