Content Marketing : 5 wizards who call a spade a spade!

New to content marketing? Welcome aboard to this galaxy of digital! I am sure you all must have guessed by now that content marketing is, quite plainly to put, a subject that is learnt through exposure. Even before you venture into the field ; I am sure you would all be spinning around the web looking out for what's the best way to start with. So, lets make your task simpler.

Before we dig deeper, let me remind you that content marketing isn't easy. Of course, a degree/certification can really help you learn the nuances of it but believe me; it's not enough. The most imperative quality of content marketing is patience, hard-work and resilience which, quite a lot of digital marketers have achieved flawlessly. So here's a list of digital marketing wizards (with extremely enlightening blogs!) who can tell you the inside out of content marketing. Be it social media, email marketing, blogging, online advertising or anything you name - they have a solution; the right one! Go ahead take a look, enlighten yourself and venture into your specter!


Authored by Neil Patel, QuickSprout is one blog that would forever reign on top of my list of experts. His blogs are not just intuitive but also graphic and engaging enough for you to hang on and learns tons and tons about this subject. For starters - his Advanced Guide To Content Marketing is a treasure. His guidance are impressive as he gives you an exposure to a lot of tools that can help you in the process.

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Quite an amazing blog by Brian Dean, I was shocked to come across this when I started learning about link building. His articles are fabulous with crisp and illustrative infographs. For a marketer with an aptitude in content marketing and blogging; who is striving to make his/her work as visible as possible, his Definitive Guide To Link Building is very helpful.

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Should I say more? Moz has always been my favorite and an absolute enlightenment to come across. Sit back, relax and skim through their articles and before you know it you will learn a lot more than what you hoped for! For a traditional copywriter/content marketer who is looking to divulge into Blogging, SEO and other similar aspects this blog has billions of information to guide you. Moz also has a free Beginners Guide To Content Marketing, if that's what you are looking for!

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Shout Me Loud

Found by Harsh Agrawal, Shout Me Loud quite honestly took me by immense surprise. An article through redirected me to this blog and I must say that for someone who is inspired by writing ; this blogs has a lot to offer! This blog is a collection of heterogeneous articles, which means although you can't find any definitive guide for content marketing, you can still come across real-time experiences and guidance from fellow content marketers.

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No second thoughts about Hubspot being a wizard. With every article striving to be the best; this blog is something that you must, at the very least, leasurely stroll and equip yourself with. Their content marketing tutorial/guides are equipped with case studies to give you a practical exposure. If your vision is nothing short of killer content, read on!

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Social Media Examiner

With facts and figures pouring in, Social Media Examiner is one blog that you can indulge in to do your research. With sample contents and proliferating articles, vivid images, capturing videos, case studies and even research inferences, this blog is surely a cyclone of information.

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Quite obviously, digital marketing is esoteric. Although, a lot of resources online can immensely help you to understand the principles in very short span it's also equally important that you have a bit of extensive knowledge on the trends that are happening around you. Happy marketing!

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