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When Rachel developed her game she had bare minimum knowledge about game app promotions, but she had an idea that just developing a flawless game would not help get her an overwhelming user base.

Well, most game developers are now burning the candles both end, but mostly the first timers often undergo a heavy pressure since promoting a game app is not a doddle.

Since competition is on the rise, understanding your target users plays a key role in growing your game app. One needs to be uniquely different from the rest, in order to last long.

Angry Bird, Clash of Clans, Feeding Frenzy, the names of these famous games give you a clear image of what the game is about, will you think about a warrior if I talk about Angry Bird or will you think about a bird if I talk about Clash of Clans, well to state the obvious, the answer is no. The name of your game is the gateway for the user base you will get.

The particular article followed by the infographic shall give you the tips to promote your game app.


“In this age of customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge and engagement with the customers .” Forrester

Well, rightly said!! As a developer your user base is what helps you grow, why do you think user engagement plays a key role in user acquisition

A satisfied customer helps you to optimise your goal, a satisfied customer adds brand value to your game. How? Game promotion begins the very moment your customer is engaged. An outstanding game engagement helps the user to connect with the game.

How many of you actually get frightened when your player get thrashed by the monster while you play Temple Run? Most of us ! So as a developer it is important to be innovative since the users demand for something different. So let your users run your game their way.


Well many of us believe in the saying, ‘what’s in a name.’ As a game developer a lot is in the name. The name of your game helps your users to create a frame of the game. As I said before one needs to be very witty when they decide the name. So when you play rummy, poker or any other card game the game’s name would be something which associates with card games. If the users associate well with the game, your game will automatically be a hit.


Blogging is a bridge which helps you connect with the users. App blogging creates an interaction with your user base. Their suggestions and critics could help you to develop your game. Regular updates and new features can be a part of your app blogs.

I firmly believe that your user experience surely gives you an insight of what your users expect out of your game app. Lately, app blogging has created a platform for the users to interact with the developers. This helps to entertain your users like never before.

In order to help you even more, we have created an amazing infographic, which shall help you to promote your game app.
Mobile Game App - 10 Tips To Help You Promote It

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