With the extremely rapid increase in the number of websites and those vying for the rankings on search engines , online SEO has become an extremely important process for a better search rankings and also for the extremely important and effective internet marketing campaigns . It is a known fact that search engines like Google consider more than 200 different parameters to filter the websites towards their search engine rankings. Let us try and draw out an On Page SEO checklist in order to maximise the chances of better searchability:

Pay Good Attention To The Content

The value and importance of the content cannot be overemphasised. The Content should be original , preferably checked by copy scape , should have descriptive text , should preferably also be first published on the concerned website with references and backlinks.the better the content quality , the lesser it depends on SEO for better audience, and that’s always a good thing.

Providing great links on the page is also very important in ensuring that your SEO strategy is optimized, since it works towards maximising the time spent by individual visitors on the site, since they will be guided to other pages on the website .It also serves towards informing the search engines that there are other pages on the site and can also possibly advise them on the hierarchy of the pages in terms of importance or popularity. Having said this, it is also important that the internal links don’t seem like a desperate attempt by the website to retain visitors on the site. Internal links should be tastefully and strategically located on the page, should relate to the content at hand and must not be more that 6-8 per page.

Maximise The Potential Of A Good URL

The structure of the page URL is becoming a more and more important part of on page SEO. The URL’s should be designed with a view to optimise the search worthiness of a site .Good URLs should be less than 255 characters and separated by hyphens for the different parts . The pages should also be grouped into distinct categories for easier and effective navigation. The option of a ‘user sitemap’ must be there in the main menu to make it easier for the user to browse for relevant information in a quick turnaround time.

Optimize The Word Count On The Page

The word count on the page can also impact the overall on page SEO. If one is trying to effect keyword optimization, there should be a minimum of 450 -500 words on each page and should pertain directly to the subject. This is not to say that in order to maximise the word count, the content could be compromised somehow. Actually, low quality or duplicate content is liable to be penalized; affecting the SEO adversely .The images on the page must also be described properly with text.

Page Formatting

Page formatting, that includes titles, description, major headings and images must be formatted in a SEO friendly way. Each page must have a unique and engaging title that will help the search engines as well as the potential visitors to understand what is the usability of the page, the page description that the web search page displays should be descriptive and keyword rich, since it is a mouthpiece of the page itself. The formatting itself should be thoughtfully and artistically carried out with proper headings, sub headings, use of bold, italics etc to draw attention at proper keywords. Images, if used should be original, or reference declared, size optimized and relevant to the content directly