Social media marketing, a relatively new arena surviving on technology is perceived by many business owners as a fad. Some business believe, however, feel that their ventures cant possible benefit from social media marketing. So, before we venture into the domain of "social media marketing", here's a surprising list of industries that actually benefit from social media marketing.

social media marketing for 5 industries

Typically, gauging a success of Social Media Campaign is based on two imperative factors :

  • Generating traffic to your website.
  • Building your community to improve your customer relationship and of course, the visibility of your brand!

Accordingly, some industries are naturally better suited.

Real Estate

An industry that feeds on visibility and charisma, both of which are available on social media! Since most real estate business are made through references ; social media can help you make friends with just a click! With proliferating visibility, your audiences grow and so does your brand!

Online Advertising for Real Estate?

Human Resources

Finding a "perfect fit" can be quite laborious especially if your looking for candidates who are a combo of "right-skills" and "culture-fit". On a national scale, social media is more than a rescuer as it gives you extensive options to dwell upon!

B2C Retail

Unanimously acknowledged as the most benefited from social media marketing. Scaling on the positive edge, B2C retail brands generally make holistic use of social media. Building your brand, engaging your customers, maintaining your community, generating trust, creating interest - everything can be accomplished on Social Media!


Although esoteric, tech companies have also been benefited from on social media. With technology playing an important role in today's world, you will be surprised to note the number of people who are really attuned to know more! Furthermore, building your brand on social media is going to make people realize your there to help them! So why hesitate?

Shocked? Don't be. Lets look at it logically. Law is an area which feeds on charisma and reputation! In other words, you (as an attorney) could use social media to show off your knowledge, build your community, interact with suggestions (limited of course!) & establish yourself! Cool idea, don't you think?

Still, you'd be surprised how many traditional and counter-intuitive industries end up performing well on social media.

Here are three great examples:


The analogy is quite simple. Manufacturing has two distinct and lucrative advantages. 1.Almost no competition. 2.National reach.
With no competitors on floor, could you imagine how ripe you can make your brand? Especially with the amount of reach (on a national level) social media can put you through! Maybe it's the right time for you to start considering.

Science and Engineering

Conventionally it's well known that science and engineering industries don't benefit much from "customer relationships". Yet, relatively they are amongst the trending industries in recent times. Who wouldn't want to know about new innovations? Social media can help to generate massive followings, which is a complimentary start if your a scientist/researcher!

B2B Consulting

If you think social media is not beneficial for B2B services then your entirely wrong. Building strong relationships and attracting new clients is the major goal in a B2B environment. And this, can be achieved by leveraging through social media platforms, like Twitter and LinkedIn for sure!

Although some industries are benefited better than others, ultimately all industries can take advantage of social media if they have the right goals. And since, sticking to organic campaigns is absolutely free, you lose nothing by giving it a single try. Agreed?

Image Credit:MKHMarketing & Gratisography