With every passing year, digital marketing trends have been consistently emerging from its predecessor. Likewise, this year has marked its niche for it's own set of top digital marketing trends that ought to be watched out for in 2017.

Without further ado, here's our list!

Crispy Content

Since time immemorial, content speaks for all forms of advertising. In 2017 too, without any preamble, its suffice to say that "content" still rules!! Be it a blog, copy-writing content or even a social media ad for that matter - content is always the king.

A users attention span lasts for 8 seconds only! This means, a content writer should get your attention in less than 8 seconds!!

Influencer Marketing

In 2016, a tremendous potential for Influencer marketing was witnessed unlike ever before. In fact, a survey done by Google witnessed a prolific increase in the influencer form of marketing over traditional marketing. (Source)

According to a recent articles on Forbes, it was analyzed that 47% of online customers end up blocking ads on social media platforms. This naturally means, influencer ads are the most lucrative forms of reaching out to the community.

Mobile Ads

Since the 47% of online customers (according to Forbes as mentioned above.) block ads on gadgets, the best form of marketing through mobile ads is done through cross-channelling and interoperability in 2017.

In a century where virtual reality speaks for itself, its imperative to note the importance/benefit of implementing mobile ads into your system. Furthermore, extensive research proved 4.6% smartphone users in the US and UK have already installed ad blockers (Source), its time to put into use trends that signify for much more than what's available.


Videos have never been out-of-line. The best kind of advertisements are always done through videos as they help in connecting on point, emotionally!

Over the course of my time at Spinta Digital, I have always noticed that a lot of customers react positively to video ads that explain deep articles than reading a simple blog with the same explanation. Videos have an emotional outreach that caters to a wider demographic of audiences quickly.

Did you know Brian Halligan, Founder of Hubspot recommends that atleast 50% of your content be mixed with video?


Last but not the least, one of the most important traditional marketing trends that still reigns is "Reviews". In a landscape where, ad blocks prevail and influencer marketing proves to be one of the best source of marketing, reviews never lag back.

A review of a customer speaking about his/her experience can take your product/service is ten times more worth than you creating a marketing strategy to attract the audience.

Did you know? Using reviews can help you give a personalized feedback to the audience.