According to studies, Twitter is more addictive than Cigarette and Alcohol!

Shocked?! Be it for business or personal use; Twitter has, over the last few years proved itself to be a great resource for influencing. It's a great source to find out what's going on around the world and where you (as a company) are standing in terms of your resources.

Using Twitter for business is a prudent approach and here are 6 reasons to justify our statement.


Did you know that almost 347,000 tweets are sent every minute? The tool is magnanimous and supports more than 35 language. This sums up to a simple conclusion : irrespective of how big your company or how famous your product is, it's mandatory that you create the right branding in Twitter! After all, in a world where LOGO's speak more than anything else, the first thing that you ought to do is make it famous!

2 Target Audience

One of the main goals of using Twitter for business is to choose who to target your brand to. Deciding your followers primarily gives you the signal to post content that is going to be well received. Which means, the kind of information you share is enclosed within an esoteric audience who value the quality of information you share.

3 Networking

Holistically speaking, tweeting is a means to keep in touch with your audience. On an average, 49% of Twitter's monthly users follow brands and companies. Thus, be it marketers, consumers, influenzers or even managers the whole idea of using Twitter as a business platform is to connect with your target audience.

Amazing Twitter Facts : Twitter bird is called LARRY!

4 Mobile

According to Twitter' company facts, Twitter has nearly 320 million monthly active users out of which 80% predominantly operate through their mobile! In fact, according to official Twitter statistics, it has been predicted that the number of mobile users is said to increase by 79%. Furthermore, since the year 2016 predicts a rise in mobile internet users, Twitter gives you a nice to easily establish a trust with your target audiences.

5 Drive Traffic

Tweets are a great source of driving traffic to your site and popularizing your brand in comparison to other social media platforms. In fact, we found out that when you tweet every fifteen minutes instead of thirty, you traffic is significantly increased by 31% and engagement shoots up at 89%!

Brand interaction is the major part of life in Twitter.

6 Knowledge Transfer

Unarguably, Twitter is one of the most effective means to share information. Infact, we found out that 90% say they follow businesses on Twitter to get discounts and promos. To be honest, the relationship between your follower count and tweets are proportional - the more you tweet; the more followers your brand attains and the stronger your brand is on the platform.

70% of small businesses are on Twitter. What About You?

Image - Sebastiaan ter Burg, IMCreator