Writing a blog post for the very first time? Wondering what you can do to make your blog go well? Even before you jump into writing jungles about your favorite topic, make sure that you stay away from these pitfalls.
After quite a bit of collective research and pondering through a lot of articles online (while I was writing my blogs, of course!) one thing that I have understood is the common mistake that anyone does. Take a look at them and make sure you keep away from them.

1. Unreasonable Topic

If you consider content as your king, then Topic should be your kingdom! Always remember - your topic must interest people before your content takes over. A boring or dull topic is not going to help you even if your content is good. The key is to research. Find out what's on the web, what's not on the web, what can be spoken about, what appeals to you, what can appeal to the public, what's worth sharing even before you start the blog(in short-chose a profitable topic!). A prosaic topic makes approach to your blog indifferent sans visitors.

If your stuck and don't know where to begin with ; Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator is an economic tool to start with.

2. Copied Content

The whole idea of scripting your blog is to be original. Your thoughts speak in the form of your content so it's high time you don't stick to the usual "copy-paste" routine of content writing when you start working on your blog. Moreover, you don't want to get penalized by Google for plagiarizing content, do you?

Of course, you may find a lot of similar topics to the one that you want to focus but your aim should at least be to approach in a different way. Swearing by the advice from CopyBloggers - an important rule of content writing is to make a content that doesn't suck. So, craft a content that's interesting and legal in equal terms.

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3. Avoiding Backlinking

Now that your topic and content is ready, lets move to step 3 : Link Building. Many seem to forget that building links is in every way as important as writing epic content. It's not just making visible content but its also about making your content visible. Get what I mean?

With link building, your content is reachable even to the most finest parts of the internet(if you do it right, of course!). It's technically a direct way of improving your site's SEO(Search Engine Optimization). One of the most important aspect of link building, that as a potential blogger you all must pay attention to is generating Backlinks, which in layman terms implies bringing links to your website - wherein a reader is directed to your webpage from another site. The rules of backlinking has changed over the years but the goal however has remained the same - to reach your visibility to potential audience.

4. Lacking Images

Can you (just for an example) imagine this blog without any images? Boring isn't it? Well, its the same everywhere! Irrespective of your topic, whatever you write, however good it may be, is prosaic without any images.

writing a blog? 8 things you must avoid

Adding an image can make your blog post not just a visually attractive piece of information but also inclines your blog a lot towards social media sharing, organically. In fact, a lot of websites have had a collection of stock photos that could be used anytime and anywhere!

5. Word Count

According to buffer, the ideal length of a blog post is 1600 words. Interestingly, their theory implies that an average reader spends about 7 minutes of undivided attention while reading a blog post after which it gradually decreases.

Did you know that Neil Patel, the founder of CrazyEgg and QuickSprout actually did A/B testing of 2 blogs of 1292 and 488 words and found out that the former generated more leads than the latter? His detailed research can be found here.

6. Language and Grammar

One of the most embarrassing mistakes you could make as a blogger is to reprimand yourself for your language and grammar. Always remember that what you write is for someone else to read and benefit from. So, unless you make your language correct and your grammar perfect you may not reach and impact your audience the way you want to. Personally, using right words can benefit you more than using fancy words sans knowing their actual meaning!

7. Wrong Pitching

Again, a mistake that most bloggers make is not wrong pitching. Always, always and always keep a plan in your mind. This plan revolves not just around scripting your blog but also in sharing it to the right audiences. Negligence and wrong pitching can actually do a lot more damage than you can expect.

8. Negligence

Penning your blog post and making it accessible to the right audience is just the first half of the work. The second half comes in when you must encourage and keep your readers active in your community. Encourage your readers to leave in their comments and make sure that you respond to them on a frequent basis to maintain trust.

Never forget that writing is perhaps the most lucrative way of reaching out to like minded people. It's foolproof and a great way to educate yourself and others too! Ensure that you personalize your writing to connect with the audience. Good luck with your first blog!